About our Mobile Tarot service
Privacy Policy

     This is Not a Subscription Service. You must be 18+ OR owner of phone service. Your cards are delivered by SMS after you join the service by entering your MSISDN. The free reading can be found at the bottom of this page. Send your query to specialist at anytime, responses can be upto 2 message length (2 X $5.00). The paid service is billed at $5.00/msg Received, 0.25/msg sent. Detailed card readings (for the 3 cards) can be requested by texting MORE. We reserve the right to send promotional messages to your mobile phone when joining the service above. To Opt-out of marketing messages and for support issues please call: 1300792188. Service Provider: Mobile Magic Ltd.

    The pull style can be retrieved as needed to find answers to questions that may arise as you go throughout your day. In some instances you also have the ability to send a specific inquiry to the reader to get a detailed answer. This type of service is popular and in successful use on the web and in sms and iDTV formats. The tarot reading will show each card in full color as it is presented. This makes the reading more of an interactive activity than some of the computer generated readings available online. The service created for sms can be used by people of all ages.

    Having your own life quest presented to you in a clear and concise manner makes using the tarot service convenient. People can encounter a lot of unexpected situations during the course of their day for which they may not always have the perfect solution. Getting a few words of guidance when you need it is always helpful. A professional tarot reading not only tells you what is currently going on, it also will present you with past information that may be influencing the current outcome.
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